Rhythm & Soul></div><div class=
Rhythm & Soul
Released: 2023
Nominated for a 2023 Grammy Award in the Best Latin Jazz Album category.
Ultimate Duets></div><div class=
Ultimate Duets
Released: 2018
A collection of songs featuring collaborations with various renowned artists, spanning numerous musical genres.
Christmas at Notre Dame></div><div class=
Christmas at Notre Dame
Released: 2018
A blazing, technically flawless trumpeter, Arturo has been dazzling audiences all over the world with his supercharged tone and bop-flavored flurries way up in the trumpet's highest register.
Eternamente Manzanero></div><div class=
Eternamente Manzanero
Released: 2014
An emotive album interpreting the classic romantic songs of Armando Manzanero.
At Middleton (Original Score)></div><div class=
At Middleton (Original Score)
Released: 2013
Showcases Sandoval's versatility with a variety of jazz and Latin-infused tracks for the film's narrative.
Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You)></div><div class=
Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You)
Released: 2012
A tribute to Dizzy Gillespie, featuring a mix of bebop and Afro-Cuban influences.
A Time for Love></div><div class=
A Time for Love
Released: 2010
Showcases a more subdued and romantic side of Sandoval, with lush orchestral arrangements.
Rumba Palace></div><div class=
Rumba Palace
Released: 2007
In the United States, the album reached a peak position of number 20 on Billboard's Top Jazz Albums charts.
Live at the Blue Note></div><div class=
Live at the Blue Note
Released: 2005
An energetic live performance, capturing the charisma and virtuosity of Sandoval's stage presence.
Trumpet Evolution></div><div class=
Trumpet Evolution
Released: 2003
A tribute to the great trumpet masters, showcasing Sandoval's versatility and talent.
L.A. Meetings></div><div class=
L.A. Meetings
Released: 2001
An eclectic collection of jazz, Latin, and classical music, showcasing Sandoval's musical diversity.
Ronnie Scott's Jazz House></div><div class=
Ronnie Scott's Jazz House
Released: 2000
A vibrant live album showcasing Sandoval's dynamic performances.
Hot House></div><div class=
Hot House
Released: 1998
The album was noted for its exploration of both Latin and straight-ahead jazz, highlighting Sandoval's virtuosity.

Recordings as a Guest Artist

With Willy Chirino

  • Oxigeno (Sony, 1991)
  • South Beach (Sony, 1993)
  • Cuba Libre (Sony, 1998)

With Ed Calle

  • DoubleTalk (Columbia, 1996)
  • Sunset Harbor (Concord 1999)
  • Twilight (Concord, 2001)
  • 360 (Mojito, 2016)

With the GRP All-Star Big Band

With Dave Grusin

  • Havana (GRP, 1990)
  • The Orchestral Album (GRP, 1994)
  • Random Hearts (Sony, 1999)
  • An Evening with Dave Grusin (Heads Up, 2011)

With Irakere

  • 3 1/2 (BASF, 1976)
  • Chekere Cuba (Love 1977)
  • Irakere (Areito, 1978)
  • Chekere Son (JVC, 1979)
  • 2 (Columbia, 1979)
  • Cuba Libre (JVC, 1980)
  • Live in Sweden (A Disc, 1981)
  • El Coco (JVC, 1982)

With others