Film Scores & Compositions

Arturo Sandoval’s musical genius extends beyond the stage and recording studio, encompassing the realm of soundtracks, film scores, and original compositions. His ability to evoke emotion and create captivating musical landscapes has made him a sought-after composer for movies, documentaries, and other visual media.

Sandoval’s compositions have graced numerous films, enriching their narratives with his distinctive musical voice. In movies such as “1001 to 1,” “At Middleton,” and “Random Heart,” his compositions serve as powerful and evocative soundtracks, enhancing the storytelling and creating a deeper connection with the audience. Sandoval’s ability to blend diverse musical styles, from jazz and Latin rhythms to lush orchestral arrangements, brings a unique and compelling dimension to the cinematic experience.

His Grammy-nominated composition, “Mambo Caliente,” featured in the “Mambo Kings” soundtrack, represents a pinnacle of Sandoval’s ability to infuse cinematic narratives with his infectious Latin rhythms, vibrant melodies, and masterful trumpet performances. The track captures the spirit of the movie, immersing listeners in the vibrant world of Latin music and dance.

Sandoval’s compositions have also been an integral part of documentaries and biopics. Notably, his work on the HBO movie “For Love or Country,” which portrayed his own life, earned him an Emmy Award for composing the entire underscore. The music beautifully complements the story, reflecting the triumphs and challenges of Sandoval’s personal and artistic journey.

Beyond his contributions to soundtracks and film scores, Sandoval has showcased his exceptional compositional skills through his original works. His compositions go beyond traditional jazz structures, displaying a range of musical influences and styles. Whether it’s his explorations of Afro-Cuban rhythms, his seamless fusion of jazz and classical elements, or his ability to create emotionally resonant melodies, Sandoval’s compositions are a testament to his artistic depth and innovation.

Arturo Sandoval’s contributions to soundtracks, film scores, and original compositions exemplify his versatility and ability to adapt his musical vision to enhance visual storytelling. His works evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy and exhilaration to introspection and romance, showcasing his profound understanding of the intersection between music and cinematic narratives. Through his compositions, Sandoval has added a rich and vibrant musical dimension to the world of film and visual media.

Here is a brief list of Arturo’s most recent work as a composer for film scores:

  • Plantados
  • James Bond 007 – No time to Die (In collaboration with Hans Zimmer)
  • Father of the Bride
  • Richard Jewell
  • The Mule
  • Underdogs Kids
  • Tightwire
  • The Resurrection of Malchus
  • Christmas in Conway
  • At Middleton
  • Antebellum
  • 1000 to 1
  • Oscar’s Cuba
  • Sacred Waters
  • 61*
  • Knockout
  • For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story
  • The Perez Family
  • Mr. Wrong
  • Lava Lava!
  • GRP All-Star Big Band Live[3]
  • A Night in Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba

His underscore compositions can also be heard in movies including, Clint Eastwood’s most recent films “The Mule” starring Clint Eastwood & Bradley Cooper, and Eastwood’s “Richard Jewel”

He also was commissioned by the Kennedy Center to compose the music forthe ballet “Pepito’s Story”, “Soul Possessed”, as well as “Oman O Men”, and “The Chocolate Hot Nutcracker, choreographed by Debbie Allen.